The Danish Team
Line Unschuld Hansen
Birthdate: 07-05-1983
National Ranking: 1

Dite Nortøft Nielsen
Birthdate: 15-03-1974
National Ranking:2

Ditte lives in Århus where she also plays for the local club – Aabyhøj Squash Club. She started playing squash in 1994 and has played in the best national league while finishing her university degree.
“I’ve had many memorable experiences as a squash player. First and foremost it was through squash that I was introduced to my husband who is also the father of my two children. Apart from that - of course - my debut playing for the national team at the European Championships in Nottingham 2003 has to be the biggest moment in my squash career.”
Sometimes I can’t help regretting that I didn’t start playing squash until the age of 20 and it doesn’t always make it easier to have a job, a husband and two small kids as well. However, mostly it just makes me more stubborn and it truly makes me enjoy and appreciate almost every minute on court – even the tough ones.

Ellen Hamborg - Petersen
Birthdate: 14-07-1974
National Ranking: 3
Achievements: 9 national / 4 int'l : Odense Open 2000, Japan open 2000, Sonderborg Open 2001, INdian Open 2001

Ellen Hamborg-Petersen is 30 years old and one of the veterans of the team. 9 times Danish Champion but it is going towards the end with the young ones coming up. After 21 years at school she finally finished her medical studies this spring and started working as a doctor. She has been playing the WISPA circuit for a fair few years but now she has a little less time so the amount of tournaments she is playing is limited. She still tries to train as much as possible though- not only running after the patients- so she is not yet completely ready to retire.

Kira Sternkopf Petersen
Birthdate: 06-06-1982
National Ranking: 5

23-year-old Kira earned her first National Junior title in the year 2000.
The year before, she competed as part of the National Danish Junior Team at the Women's World Junior Championship in Antwerp . She has represented Denmark as a junior at several Nordic Team Championships.
In 2003 she decided to take a gap year from her studies and moved to England to improve her squash. Her goal was to represent Denmark as part of the National Team within a year. She joined the Sports Academy in Hemingford Grey under the guidance of level four coach David Morgan.
She still plays on the tournament on the Danish Tour and club matches for S ø nderborg Squash Club in the south of Denmark . She has now reached her first goal and is now looking forward to do her best as a senior in the upcoming World Championship in Amsterdam .

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